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07 July 2004


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» Remember gmail is beta from Corporate Engagement
Gmail not working again today. - judging by another upsurge in comments and traffic gmail is having some problems. Please people, gmail is terrific but it is in beta so do use the POP facility to save your critical emails somewhere more reliably access... [Read More]


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Bob Collins

Sorry to hear of your gmail problems. I thought it was maybe something I did on my end. My gmail hasn't worked since early last night.
Gotta love it.. ughh


They seem to have it on a test server or something - feels like it needs more grunt. Apart from that it's quite neat to use.

Mike Keenan

Arghhhhh!! Gmail is not working today either. Its got the google sign where you enter your username and password. Hope this gets resolved soon.


flippin gmail hasnt worked for me all week! im getting really pist off


i can sign in but i cant seem to look at emails go to settings or click pretty much nething on the page it just does shit all :S


gmail sucks.....when i entered my username and password and hit login...the next webpage was continuosly shifting between other page...i tht i was attacked of virus or something...let us kno if u encountr similar problems....but great disappointment from search engine innovators...



Gmail does seem to suck from time to time. Sometimes it goes into loop where it's redirecting to itself infinitely . It's not my PC, browser, cache, cookies, etc. as I clear everythying, disable firewalls, try both IE and Mozilla, etc. If I remove all the query params from the URL (so it's just gmail.google.com/gmail with no ? and other rubbish) and log in, sometimes it works, and it always seems to work if I go to another client machine. Other times I just can't access the mail at all. I can't find any indication of support, and even web searches don't provide information, let alone solutions. I now wish I could now config my gmail to forward to yahoo or whatever. I think they should disable invites until the system is stable.

saurabh kunte

man this is really annoying...

i am expecting so many important mails and this fellow refuses to work...

its really frustrating


I do believe it's got something to do with some background service you probly disable with a firewall. Maybe it's the firewall that comes with SP2 thats still blocking things? I dont know Im no expert on this.

Anyway once I switch off ZoneAlarm, gmail is reachable. I dont have SP@, I uninstalled it again.

As soon as ZoneAlarm is back up, I get the endless "redirecting..." loop.

Trevor Cook

Actually, I posted this three months ago and since then I've had very little problem with gmail at all

Amit sharma

Today also the gmail is not working ? This must not happen if gmail provider wants to survive into this mail service.
Can u tell me hw much time it wll take to start again ?


belive me people are begining to hate gmail. because in my institute lot of guys started using gmail but either in vain or for one or two days.i myself have used it for two days and i am telling you all there is no gr8 service in it. and the boring part is, almost no browser is able to open it.dont know whos fault is it but why this not happening to others but gmail.i reached this place while searching how to make gmail work for me.but now i can assure you that i am never ever gona touch that iritating url again.


Yup. Gmail sucks. Mine is constantly inaccessible. Like other people, I have ordered stuff and used the gmail as a reference point, and not been able to log in and check the order because of it. I'm giving up and going back to my hotmail i think


Don't email me at gmail right now cuz its' DOWN~!!!! and has been for awhile. I only use gmail well I have another but this is my main one. And now.... I can't log in argh! Frustrating!


The gmail is not working,What happened for it?This is one of my main mail.

Wendy Hamilton

Gmail is a piece of sh*t. I have been so unhappy with these outages! I'm trying to run a business.... Anybody have any better suggestions? Hotmail vs. Yahoo...which is best?


errr......it doesn't really matter and u can't blame Gmail for all its problems. Its still BETA and everyone knows that the BETA version is for testing only and during that u get tons of bugs that u can't blame the company for. I am sure we won't have these problems once its fully released cause then they would have a responsibility to us. At the time bieng they don't CAUSE GMAIL IS BETA.

And u never use a something thats in the BETA stage as ur primary email,software, etc

And Wendy you are trying to runa buisness by using things that r still in trial mode???? Get a paid email or something. OR if u don't want a paid one at least use one that not in its BETA STAGE.

I ahve a Gmail but i dont use it as my primary yet cause ITS BETA. and i knwo i won't ahve any right to complain cause ITS BETA.


not agaiiiiinnn !!!! since 11 am the Gmail is completely down... and the thing about BETA... when it's gonna be released properly, paid or free? can anyone tell me that?

cheers and get an Spymac accout.. also 1GB AND NOT BETA !! :)))


Is anyone else having a problem logging onto gmail for 2 days now??
We are in Egypt but have tried several computers but still no luck!


i'm sick and tired of this g mail not working at all from past so many days and i don't even khow where to report.


I gmail account is working fine...........only if i access it from my office. When i try to access form my home it doesnt work. It say page cannot be displayed. Well i guess the traffic on their servers have crossed the limits and they cant handle anymore.

Hope this gets resolved soon.


I haven't been able to get to gmail for a while - or even google for that matter, so I sent them a complaint and they replied telling me to clear my cookies and cache and all that, I'd tried that many times but then there was also this, and it worked perfectly for me, try it and see if it works for you too:

- It's possible that your DNS cache is out of date. You can clear your DNS cache by the running "ipconfig /flushdns" command from MS-DOS. To do so, select "Start" > "Programs" > "Accessories" > "Command Prompt." Type "ipconfig /flushdns" (without the quotes), and hit Enter.

- Clearing your host file may solve this problem. If you're running Windows, you have a file called "Hosts" in your C:\WINDOWS directory (for Windows 98) or your C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc directory (for Windows
XP, Windows NT or Windows 2000). If you find an entry for Google, deleting it may solve your problem. Google's IP address changes from time to time, so an outdated IP address cached on your computer can create problems when you try to access Google.


I am sitting here on Saturday morning and for 4 hours now GMail has been down. All I get is messages that say system unavailable, try back in 30 seconds. So I try back every 30 seconds, guess what? I get the same message. ...am still hopeful that Google can address these issues so I am not writing them off yet.

When is this going to end

Down again. When I really need to use it most. Still hate hotmail and yahoo more though.


Today when i tried to login to GMail i m surprised to see this an error message. What i do anyone help me.

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