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22 May 2005


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Joe Begalla


Great post and a reasoned response. I'm glad I read this, because I was just about to tear up a press release for my business and go buy some blogging software. I believe you're warning us that it's not yet the time to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Cheers, Joe

Trevor Cook

Thanks Joe, I agree with Shel Holtz 'new media doesn't kill old media'. I think any PR person who told a client to forgo a news release in favour of blog posts would be acting irresponsible. Blogs are another way of getting information out there and of hearing feedback. The idea that PR people currently spend their time trying to prevent information getting out is just plain silly. In life, people put their best foot forward. That's human nature and that's what PR people help others do. When corporate blogs start putting out bad news then I'll think the world is changing.


Couldn't agree more, Trevor. Thanks for the post. I'm making this a must read for my students.

Eric Eggertson

Nice analysis. You didn't limit yourself to a brief rebuttal, but countered parts of the chapter bit by bit.


Just bookmarked this for a larger post on PR and blogs. This is a great response to the article as a whole, and a nice alarm for PR people to take a step back and think first of clients, last about personal blogs.

johnmoore (from brandautopsy)

Trevor … I love the verve in your deconstruction of the Naked Conversations chapter on PR. Some of the blogging picture Shel and Robert paint in this chapter is blog fantasy and you helped to show them blog reality.

Gary Goldhammer

Trevor, thanks for a great analysis and, more importantly, for taking the time to read through a chapter that was obviously painful. I love the "legal compliance is a weak argument" line -- sounds like something from the Enron investor relations manual :-)

Linda Zimmer

Oh, thank you, Trevor! I tried. I really tried to get through Chapter 7 of Naked Conversations. But I just had to look away. Not only do I admire your right-on comments, but I thank you for taking the time to write this post, representing those of us who strive to give our clients good counsel, understand the business environment in which they operate, and present reality rather hype. You've done us all a service.

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