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24 May 2005


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gmail is so anonoying when i need it the most it dies on me!


Well I am new user to gmail, both my wife and I have not been able to access our accounts since yesterday- though the error message states, "Server Error
The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
Please try again in 30 seconds"
well its sure been a long 30 seconds!!

sudeep p chhanchure

Whether google people are sleeping.What sort of unsolvable problems they are facing?It's really bad and killing.


as u can see, im putting my gmail as my email because... it is my primary email (although this one is for other reason then personal). i just recently told my friends on how cool gmail is and have invited few people. and now? gmail died on me. and one more.. i am expecting a reply email from a new friend of mine about this weekend - if she is coming to see pau van dyk with me at the central park. i dont have her number and i really really really need to check the mail asap. freakin gmail died on me when i need it the most!! that shit always happen to me. freakin freaks.

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