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01 March 2006


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Paull Young

I see that a Telstra staffer, Justin Milne, is blogging via 'Big Blog'.


I wonder if Justin will get involved in blogosphere conversations by responding to this post?

Or is his blog simply a shmick looking marketing tool with no real substance?

By getting involved in the conversation, Telstra could show that it 'gets' the blogosphere.

Otherwise, one could easily believe that there's not much substance behind the 'Big Blog' concept.

Trevor Cook

Yeah and Toni Collette looks like she'd rather be anywhere else than at a big pond launch.

Craig Middleton

Hey Trev,
There's more info to be found at http://smh.com.au/articles/2006/03/02/1141191763789.html but we aren't launching until next week.

PS I can send you a nicer photo of Toni at our BigPond downloads launch too if you'd like. That event, by the way, attracted huge media and public interest in the new service.


Craig Middleton

Trevor Cook

Thanks Craig, I reckon if Bigpond wants to sell lots of content it needs to do more than hire movie stars to get media to its launches. I reckon ya gotta fix the broadband problem (speed and cost). I'm not going to download movies anytime soon at current download costs.

PS but why did you put Bigblog online - sort of - before it was ready to launch, still seems weird to me.

Craig Middleton

A very clever PR technique to get it discussed on key blogging blogs! :-)

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