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19 November 2010


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I also find the 7.30 style interviews untimately fairly unrewearding. We don't learn much - certainly not when what is at issue has all the hallmarks of a wicked problem and someone is trying to do something. All that happens is the questions which will be asked by a combative opposition are asked and asked and asked and asked and we hear the message the message the message the message in return. But, as someone who finds Australian Story a bit light on facts to supplement the personal expereince I'm not sure that's the alternaitive for political journalism.

And is there a public appetite for something else - there are an awful lot of those horrid "off with their head" style tweets.

Trevor Cook

Yes Australian story is often a bit light on for facts, and they are not the answer for a new format - but they did bring down a G-G (Hollingworth)!


What's the alternative? The 'soft' interview? I disagree, I think Abbott's interview with Keza on broadband cost him the support of the independents. I think Kevin Rudd's interview with the mea culpa on climate change with the infamous '730reportland' comment was instructive.
If we don't have someone to push for the information, what are we left to rely on.
Sorry, politics is sport. There's no middle ground. You may feel encouraged to jeer, but explain to me what there is about our political system that doesn't deserve a jeer?

Trevor Cook

One alternative is more investigation and independent (of PR and spin) research. I think there is a lot to be positive about our political system. Jeering is not helpful and usually says more about jeerer then the subject.There is an art to interviewing which draws the subject out and gets them to reveal themselves. It is extremely hard to do, the easy substitute is aggression. There is room for a bit of that, I just don't find it useful to intelligent discourse. If people enjoy QandA well good luck to them but I think it is silly.

P. Oliver

The 7.30 Report might be passe to some but once that is gone we are left with Lateline. Q+A and the Insiders are a waste of time these days and the rest of the ABC is in lock-step with News Ltd. A shameful and worrying trend.

Trevor Cook

I would certainly like to see the ABC News journalists act with more independence, too often headlines are just read out from the Australian.

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