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03 February 2011


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Bob Meade

Anti-development (pro-status quo) campaigners were distributing information about an upcoming public meeting and tick-the-box submissions at Allambie Heights shops today. Outside a well-known cafe.

Trevor Cook

A well-known cafe! I'm not anti-development as I hope my sub makes clear. I accept that the city is going to keep growing and people have to live someone. What worries me is re-zoning w/o the mooted infrastructure, particularly public transport. As I say in the sub, I think many businesses are struggling to get and keep staff around here because of road congestion and the lack of public transport. You can't have a CBD or a major hospital w/o a LOT of public transport.

Bob Meade

Point taken.

Through my lax use of language I have seemingly lumped everyone opposed to *this* development as being anti-development.

I would perhaps better and more fairly phrase the start of my remarks above as

"Anti-this-development campaigners were ... "

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